Soldiers Group was founded in 2001 and operates across South Africa from Headquarters in Johannesburg.


We have developed a consistent reputation within the dynamic South African eventing industry for going above and beyond the call of duty, while always focusing on professional execution.

In an industry based on service, we recognise the fact that our Soldiers are the first and last point of contact with our clients. Our teams are trained and developed to strive for excellence in all areas. 


Soldiers Group is committed to the development of youth in South Africa.  We are dedicated to improving the job skills of tertiary level students through training and corporate event engagement.  


Candidates are prepared for professional on-site deployment through our training programme, which covers

  • workplace etiquette

  • personal presentation

  • professional email skills

  • team interactions 

  • role development

  • client and supervisor interactions

Whilst on-site, Soldiers are exposed to multiple facets of the professional workplace, and are able to further develop interactive business and leadership skills.

With the skills and invaluable experience gained through their time at Soldiers Group, our Troops are equipped to hold positions at top jobs in a variety of industry sectors.  


We take great pride in the knowledge that our actions have uplifted the lives of our team.