Punctuality and promptness are of vital importance. You will arrive on time for every event, ensuring that you are at the meeting point at internal call-time. Lateness is not tolerated. The below penalties apply regarding late arrivals on events:

1.1. Up to 15 minutes late: R40.00 deduction off pay.

1.2. 15 minutes to 1 hour late: R100.00 deduction off pay.

1.3. More than 1 hour late: deletion of Soldier from database.

2. No tardiness or poor attitude will be accepted. You are expected to be eager and ready to handle any task given by the client or your Captain without complaint or comment. We reserve the right to dismiss underperforming Soldiers on-site.  The hospitality industry requires long hours and friendly faces.

3. You are required to send an SMS or WhatsApp message to Headquarters to confirm your arrival at each and every event.

4. Standards of behaviour for Soldiers on an event are very high. Please always be aware that you are working in a professional environment and representing both yourself and Soldiers group to the highest degree.

5. You will be polite and courteous at all times and to whomever you are addressing.

6. No cellphones for personal use are allowed on any event. Contact with the Captain on duty is to be maintained with discretion.

7. No smoking, eating or drinking in event time. These are strictly for breaks (when given) or after the event.

8. No Soldier may eat food available for delegates or the Events Team.

9. No promotional items or goods used on any event may be removed from the premises by any Soldier. This constitutes theft and will be handled as such, including the filing of police reports.

10. ABSOLUTELY no alcohol may be consumed at the venue whether before, after or during your shift. This brings us into disrepute and is unprofessional. Immediate termination without pay will result for alcohol related judgements. 

11. No unauthorized breaks may be taken on any event. Only if the Captain on duty or client tells you to take a break may you take one. There may be a good reason for you to remain in your allocated position – whether or not this makes sense to you.

12. Please always maintain a business-like dress code.

12.1. The standard dress code is smart black pants, a black collared shirt, and flat neat black shoes.

12.2. No black jeans, sneakers, jewellery or accessories are permitted.

12.3. Ladies should have neat and professional hair, tied back if longer than shoulder length, and earrings should be studs.

12.4. All ladies should wear light and professional make up.

12.5. Nails must be clean and neatly groomed. No bright nail colours are permitted.

12.6. Should you be provided with a uniform by Headquarters, it is your responsibility to maintain all elements, including shoes and accessories. Damage to / loss of this property will lead to penalties equal to the replacement value per item.

13. Please ensure that personal hygiene is considered and your hands are clean, deodorant is worn and grooming is professional.

14. All Soldiers must make their own transport arrangements to and from the venue. Transport costs are not covered.

15. Please do not direct payment, contract or working time’s questions to the client. These issues must be addressed with Headquarters or with the Captain on duty.  Any direct contact regarding these matters with any client of Soldiers Group is a breach of confidence and the Soldier in question will be considered to be in breach of this Code of Conduct.

16. No Soldier may solicit employment from any client until 180 days have passed from your last event with that client. Should any client request your direct contact number or attempt to book you for work directly, you are required to notify Foot Soldiers or Promo Soldiers immediately. Should it be found that any Soldier has accepted work directly through any client of ours, we will remove said Soldier from our database with immediate effect.

17. Any client who employs a Soldier as a result of work booked through Foot Soldiers or Promo Soldiers is required to pay an industry related recruitment commission, as dictated by APSO (Association of Personnel Services Organisations). For this reason, your contact details may not be shared with any client.

18. Absolutely no socialisation is to take place with the client or delegates. At all times you will compose yourself professionally.

19. All Soldiers are rated by the Captain on duty, the Service Sergeant and the client following each event. This ranking is used when shortlisting new jobs and appointing new Foot or Promo Captains.

20. Payments are made on the 15th of each month or the weekday following that date. Interbank transfers may take up to three days to clear. Each payment incurs an administration fee of R8.00. Any events in the week of the payment run are paid on the following run.